Joseph Ingeno


Software Architect's Handbook

by Joseph Ingeno

A comprehensive guide to exploring software architecture concepts and implementing best practices


  • Provides architecture patterns similar to the Gang of Four Design Patterns for Code. The fact is that the architecture patterns are a little less resuable and a little broader, however, so it isn't a no-brainer to learn.
  • If you are diving deep into Architecture, this book is worthy of both reading, and to have on hand as a reference.
  • It also semi-serves as a mini definition of "What is a Software Architect (and how does it fit in a business)"


If you have a keen interest in Software Architecture, it's nice to have a dictionary.

Who should read?

Those interested in becoming advanced Architects (and probably only them)

Important Concepts

  • DevOps is discussed, not at length, but it gives a good feel for how it would work in a larger organization
  • As per usual, the soft-skills, and communication sections are likely of the highest value.
  • The patterns themselves are worth looking over, but then revisiting as you are looking at something in the real world.