Robert C. Martin


Clean Coder

The Clean Coder cover

by Robert C. Martin

A code of conduct for Professional Programmers


  • This book is the single best resource I have come across for the how's and why's to how to be a better programmer, but mostly a better teammate to those around you.
  • Through a series of anecdotes and life experience, "Uncle Bob" details why you should care about quality, the business you work for, and how you can best benefit it.
  • Time estimation, how to conduct yourself under pressure, and how to ensure you are maintaining quality standard are also significant topics explored, and he does a fantastic job.


This book is a window to a future you, wisened by years or decades of experience. Any time you can find that window, open it.

Who should read?

I would like to say everyone, but I will instead say "anyone who wants to lift their career past the entry level".

Despite the topics being advanced, anyone can pick this up and get the primary message, even if not everything clicks right away.

Important concepts



The most impactful book I've read about professional conduct, bar none. Bob Martin exposes behaviors that are uncomfortably accurate in my own day-to-day, undresses the social constructs that cause us to fall into these traps, and then provides concrete solutions to address the problem. While the book is chock full of handy tips and reminders to help your individual coding practice, the most revolutionary parts for me are about how to conduct yourself as a member of team - specifically related to goals, outcomes, commitments and estimates. I've re-read most chapters at least once, and the book as a whole should probably be an annual event.

-Dakota Blackhorse-von Jess

Loved this book for its insight into how to be a professional, which could honestly have been written for any profession. My biggest takeaway is on communication and how a team can act in crisis mode vs. every day. If a team communicates well and tackles a problem collaboratively during a crisis that is good. But if they don't do the same every day, then they don't really value that kind of teamwork. We are in this together and with clear strong and regular communication and collaboration we can shoot for the moon!

-Greg Weber