Vidal Graupera


Engineering Leadership Interviews

by Vidal Graupera

Lessons Learned and Best Practices Gathered from Interviews with Top Engineering Leaders Around the World


  • This book is literally just a bunch of interviews, do not expect anything else. There is no analysis of themes or any conclusions drawn.
  • The quality of the interviews varies WIDELY. Some are with sage-like geniuses of the industry, some give bad advice. Most are very similar, so it is easy to draw your own conclusions.
  • The conclusions you can draw are good ones, and this book does a good job of answering the question "What do other people experience when managing software people?"
  • This book is also great for building out a reading list (although it might not be for you, since this repo is what I generated).


I am not sure I really recommend this book, but for someone who asks the exact above question ("What do other people experience when managing software people?"), it would be hard to beat just a ton of interviews in a book, which this is.

Who should read?

If you have read nearly all of the other management books, this might help you generate ideas of where to go next.

Important concepts

  • Your people are your new "code", improve their lives with the intesity you did for software.
  • Hiring is hard.
  • Be prepared to fail, and own it.