Andrew S. Grove (ex-CEO of Intel)


High Output Management

by Andrew S. Grove (ex-CEO of Intel)

Note: This book is non-programming specific, about general management


  • This book is/was commonly given to Silicon Valley startup CEOs. While I may choose other books for that specific role, I can see why this one was chosen. It covers many, very broad topics and does a good job with analogies (so long as you ignore their outdated subjects).
  • This book places a heavy emphasis on performance reviews, giving them utmost importance, and talking deeply about what they should contain, and does a good job doing so.
  • Concepts like leverage, task-relevant maturity, and difficult conversations are particularly well done and valuable.


This book talks through the specifics of management at the highest levels, but gets there by steadily moving up levels of complexity. This, combined with solid analogies, paints a simple to understand picture and gives direction of where to head.

Who should read?

I would say anyone could read this, but I would call this required reading for anyone interested in the management path. You should read The Manager's Path first, but this is a solid learning tool and covers totally different topics.

Important concepts

  • CUA Factor: Complexity, Uncertainty, Ambiguity - The levels of these should guide how you manage. (Chapter 10)
  • Task-Relevant Maturity: The level of experience the subordinate has is a fundamental determiner of proper management style. (Chapter 12)
  • Performance Appraisal: This is covered throughout the book, but the particulars of how to deliver and the purpose are covered deeply in Chapter 13.