Jay Kreps


I Heart Logs

by Jay Kreps

Event Stream Processing and Data Integration


  • This book is short, and a very quick read. Like, so short it hardly needs a TLDR, just read it.
  • Don't take "Logs" too literally, it really refers to "Events".
  • This is a journey into centralized event processing, a story about LinkedIn creating Apache Kafka (and more importantly, why)


Event-driven architectures are likely going to drive the future of architecture design, at least in the intermediate term. Centralizing has advantages, and this book dives deep into them.

Who should read?

If you have interest in why things like Eventbridge, Kafka, or even SNS (pub/sub) exist, and want an in depth analysis, this book is for you.

Important Concepts

  • Pay a lot of attention to the pain points he faces, and how he solves them, more than paying attention to the specifics of Kafka.