Henrik Kniberg


Kanban and Scrum - Making the most of Both

by Henrik Kniberg (Author), Mattias Skarin (Contributor)


  • Most planning related books (including Agile Planning) look at the problem from a large company with lots going on. This book does as well, but looks at the situation much more practically and flexibly.
  • This book explains Kanban very well, and how it plays well with Agile and other planning disciplines. It does, however, assume you are already very familiar with Scrum/Agile. Read Agile Planning first.
  • This book is very short. Just read it, lol.


Planning is a major player in Software Development, and adding another tool to your belt is always worthy. In particular, I believe Kanban to be the swiss army knife of the space, as well.

Who Should Read?

Anyone who has learned about Scrum and said "This seems pretty inflexible, and that makes it make less sense". This book will be exactly your cup of tea. Or, if this concept just sounds interesting.

Important Concepts

  • Work in Progress Limits
  • "Flow"