Camille Fournier


The Manager's Path

by Camille Fournier

A guide for tech leaders navigating growth and change


  • This book is really great at pointing out all of the changes that occur at each step of the ladder, and all of the reasons to choose a certain career path.
  • Many common people-related challenges are covered at each level with guidance about how to handle each.
  • Each chapter is a new level of management, and it goes from being an Engineer up to CTO.


This book was extremely helpful in focusing me on what was important in management, and also who I was supposed to be as CTO to all partners, tech and otherwise. This is likely to be true for whatever level you are at as well.

Who should read?

I would say anyone could read this, but I would call this required reading for anyone interested in the management path. You do not have to read the whole book, you can skip chapters about senior leadership if you have no interest (yet).

Important concepts

  • The common problems presented for each level seem reference-worthy.
  • Even after reading this, I plan to have it on hand to refresh my memory on a regular basis to ensure that we focus on the correct items.